Ilze Amanda Auzina


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Hi there, welcome to my personal page! I am a PhD candidate at the Univeristity of Amsterdam, in Video & Image Sense Lab under the supervision of Efstratios Gavves and Sara Magliacane. I am also an ELLIS PhD co-supervised by Prof. Matthias Bethge at Tübingen University, Germany. Currently, I am working together with the amazing postdoc Çağatay Yıldız. Earlier I have worked together with Jakub M. Tomczak for my Master Thesis on Approximate Bayesian Computation for discrete data at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, which was nominated for best Master Thesis award.

My PhD research is focused on learning dynamical systems. In particular, we want to learn dynamics from high-dimensional data with physical constraints that enforces the model to learn the true dynamics, rather than overfitting the data. My work mainly focuses on two domains: (i) object-centric dynamics (learning trajectories from object/animal recordings), or (ii) fluid dynamics (climate model recordings). As part of the exploration process I am investigating the connections between dynamics and geometry.

Broadly my research interests are

  • dynamical systems (ODEs/SDEs/PDEs)
  • gaussian processes
  • generarive models
  • geometry for dynamics

selected publications

  1. df-veagpode.png
    Latent GP-ODEs with Informative Priors.
    Ilze A Auzina, Cağatay Yıldız, and Efstratios Gavves
    In A causal view on dynamical systems workshop, 2022
  2. MoNODE.png
    Modulated Neural ODEs
    Ilze Amanda Auzina, Cagatay Yildiz, Sara Magliacane, and 2 more authors
    In Thirty-seventh Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, 2023